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Dc-704 Diffusion Pump Oil Equivalent By Eco Usa » Add to Favorite

pump oil

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Product Name Dc-704 Diffusion Pump Oil Equivalent By Eco Usa
Product Category Chemicals » Chemical Additives & Auxiliary
Product Keyword pump oil
Product Origin New Jersey, USA
Payment Method L/C,D/A,T/T,M/T,D/D,D/P,others|Credit Cards and Pa
Minimum Order 50 Delivery Mode International Cargo Shipping
Packing Type Supply Ability 1900

Dc-704 Diffusion Pump Oil Equivalent By Eco Usa Description » Recommend

Dc-704 Diffusion Pump Oil Equivalent By Eco Usa Larger Image

ECO USA supply manufacturing operations of all sizes. All our customers are satisfied with the performance and durability of our ECO-704, and a majority of our customers use ECO-704 to replace DC-704 entirely. ECO-704 is widely used within Aerospace, Electronics, Metallurgy, Vacuum Coatings, Atomic Energy, and Research Facilities.

Below are the specifications of ECO-704:

Molecular Description: Tetramethyltetraphenyl-Trisiloxane
Color: Clear
Ultimate Vacuum (untrapped): 10E-7 to 10E-8 torr
Ultimate Vacuum (trapped): to 10E-11 torr
Extrapolated Vapor Pressure: 2 x 10E-8 torr
Specific Gravity at 25°C: 1.07
Viscosity at 25°C: 39 cSt
Flash Point (open cup): 221°C
Boiling Point (at 0.5 torr): 215°C
Typical Boiler Temperature: 220°C
Surface Tension: 37.3 dynes/cm
Heat of Vaporization (kcal/g mole): 25.5/200°C
Hazardous Ingredients: none
Shelf Life: 5 Years

For further information or MSDS docs. Please email